4 Things To Do After Having Lasik Surgery

Not being able to see as well as you once did may diminish your quality of life. It could be in your best bet to schedule Lasik eye surgery. Fortunately, this operation can solve several eye concerns and is one you may want to record. However, being prepared for what to expect after having this done may be something you'll want to consider. 1. Take a pair of sunglasses Your eyes may be much more sensitive after getting Lasik surgery done, and this means you should take a pair of sunglasses with you to use after this process. [Read More]

4 Things You Should Do If You Suspect You've Injured Your Spine

Spinal cord injuries are serious. When untreated, these injuries may cause paralysis or even death. You can hurt your spine in a variety of ways, from a car collision to a particularly bad fall. No matter how you hurt your spine, proper and prompt treatment is necessary. Here are four things you should do if you believe you have injured your spine: 1. See a doctor at once. If you get involved in an accident that may have hurt your back, you should visit a doctor. [Read More]

Recently Had Surgery? Why You Should Go To A Short-Term Nursing Facility

Having surgery comes with certain risks. No matter how fit and healthy your body is, the surgery could still come as a big shock to your system and make it difficult for you to perform the way you did before. If you live alone or with someone who away from home, you might be a little concerned about the recovery process and how you're going to get through it. A great option is to plan to spend a little time in a short-term nursing facility. [Read More]

Following A Healthy Diet After Bariatric Surgery: Three Options To Consider

Bariatric surgery can be a great option for weight loss, but it does require a long-term commitment to a healthy diet. You'll find that you can only eat smaller portions of food, and some people discover certain types of food intolerance after surgery. Finding the right diet can be a struggle, particularly because the foods you do eat must provide the nutritional value needed with smaller portions. Here are some simple ways you can make sure you follow a proper diet. [Read More]